June 13, 2024


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What Is Influencer Marketing and How to Develop Your Strategy


What is influencer marketing ? How is the marketing strategy helping your business grow? What kind of strategies should you implement so it can be fruitful for your business? These are often the common questions that arise when business wants to start doing this method. There are different marketing methods and strategies, really, depending on the situation and which one would fit into various scenarios. 


Influencer Marketing: What to Understand about It

This is a way where a brand promotes their services or products through content creators and influencers’ recommendation. You may be familiar with this way. You follow certain people on your social media accounts, and you see them wear clothes, drink coffee, consume snacks, and they recommend the brands of all of those things in their account. There are moments when you may be intrigued, but there are moments when you don’t. 


This is the function of influencer marketing: creating a brand awareness, which leads to sales and conversions. Basically, influencers are the people sharing stories. They create an engagement; an interaction between them and the followers. They build trust. They build curiosity. They share what they do, what they eat, what products they use (and how they feel about those products), and such thing alike. Brands that aren’t familiar or known before can get the exposure and promotion they need. People start knowing about them, and maybe interested in buying those brands. And in the end, more people would start buying those products. 


Developing Your Strategies

Now that you understand what is influencer marketing, you can’t just start hiring Instacelebs or popular people on YouTube and expect them to sell your products. That’s not how smart influencer marketing works. Just like other marketing methods, you need to develop plans and strategies. 


  • Understand the Influencers Landscape

Different influencers may ‘dominate’ different social media platforms. For instance, person A may not be a celebrity, but he is extremely popular in TikTok. Person B is a rising star and she is very active in her Instagram account. Person C has a lot of followers and fans in her Facebook account. If you want to promote your business in various platforms, you may want to consider these people to help your business grow. Sure, person A may also have Instagram and Facebook accounts, but his presence is more solid in TikTok instead of those two platforms. If you decide to hire person A to do the promotion in ALL of his social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok), he may be a hit in TikTok but not so much in Facebook and Instagram. It will definitely affect your promotion and business. 


It would be wise to do your research and then choose different figures for different platforms. Find out who is super popular in Instagram or TikTok. Using different influencers may bring more fruitful outcome that only focusing on using one influencer. 


  • Connect with the Influencers

Keep in mind that they aren’t just promotional tools. These influencers know their target markets, what they want, how to create contents, and such thing alike. Don’t underestimate them. You want to continue working with them in respectful manner. After all, it’s a win-win for both sides. So, it would be civil to maintain positive connection with them. Develop mutual respect and honor the agreement. 


As you can see, influencer marketing is crucial, especially if you want to succeed in this digital era. Now that you know what is influencer marketing and how to develop your own strategy, it’s time to start your journey.