June 13, 2024


Health is important

PART II: How to Rise Above The Pandemic

Especially during this pandemic, it is vitally important to learn to live in the present rather than envisioning living an abysmal future. Keeping a positive attitude is key to coping, especially in times of adversity. At such times, it may seem impossible to believe that one’s peace, calm, and hope really can be maintained or restored in the face of such uncertain times. Yet, it is both possible and necessary to live in today, to decrease worry, and find new ways to cope with the effects of Covid-19, and the associated isolation.

If we are to continue to restore and experience good mind-body-spirit wellness, we need to use all of our resources-not just some. Faith-belief and prayer can be very helpful in fighting unbridled worry, fear, and anxiety. Such negativity is the real enemies, too often disrupting our physical health and wellness. They serve to highly impact our mind-body-spirit connection in negative ways, even lowering our immunity and mood. Within the context of holistic well-being and overall mind-body healing, hopefulness combined with uplifting faith beliefs go a long way to eliminate fear, anxiety, depression and despair. These positive attributes enable us to face any and every situation in new and improved ways, so that we can become our best self–regardless of the situation we face. When we are worried and hopeless, that is far-reaching, too, overwhelming us, and spreading to others swiftly, with a high level of contagion, that can parallel the corona-virus.

To effectively evict worry, fear and negativity, we need to find ways to experience the highest level of calm and inner peace possible. Our mind-body-spirit health may very well depend on it. The close connection between body, mind and spirit is real. We need to choose to embrace positivity–even and especially, in this time of great adversity. It really is a choice that we alone must make each day. Though counseling may be helpful for some needing practical help while wrestling with fear, depression, and anxiety during the pandemic, others may choose to pray to God and ask for His help. However, some people combine prayer and counseling for best results. It just depends on how you choose to cope, as to what you decide to do to find peace and serenity in these tumultuous times.

Fearless Faith

Judeo-Christian teaching tells us that God is a loving, compassionate god who works tirelessly to provide practical help in the form of comfort, protection, healing, and guidance. He generously blesses each of us daily through His grace, providing for our every need. It takes fearless faith to believe that help from God is on the way-even if just for an attitude adjustment. Scripture reveals that God only wants the very best for us, drawing us ever closer to Him, especially in times of adversity when we are in most need of His help. Many people the world over believe that God will make a way for us to get past this pandemic, and every circumstance, and lead us into a future filled with hope.

Alleviating Negativity

One’s faith belief and practices, such as prayer, can be very important, uplifting and central to helping a person gain a positive perspective. It can alleviate any and all negativity that we face within ourselves. Life challenges like this pandemic can either make you bitter or better. Faith belief is clearly a personal choice that we all need to make on a daily basis, despite enduring difficult, challenging situations. Growing in faith-especially in ‘fearless faith’– enables us to put aside all negativity, and face the future with renewed confidence and anticipation of good things ahead. Faith can give us hope, and helps us to stay positive even when all seems lost or we are weary and totally overwhelmed..

Though we yearn for the day that we can be out and about without social distancing due to this pandemic, spending time together, in person, with friends and family, it is important to try to stay in the here and now. It is uplifting to think that nothing lasts forever in this life, it’s all temporary, and surely relief is on the way. Hopefully in a matter of months, they will develop a safe vaccine that will prove that to be true. Then we as a nation–as a world–will likely re-emerge stronger from the struggle, grateful for our freedom and our loved ones, and ready to return to life as we know it.

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