June 16, 2024


Health is important

Yesoul, a professional treadmill manufacturer, offers you more useful information!

The modern world has emphasized people to care about their health. Most of them begin to exercise in a regular way to get healthy or lose weight. They may choose to go out for gym or just workout at home. Working out at home has become an important way for people who want to keep healthy. If you are looking for a new way to lose weight or just want to keep fit, working out at home can be fun and motivating. It is convenient, affordable and helps to strengthen the body and improve fitness levels. For example, they can do some high-intensity exercise by themselves or do more systematic exercise with home fitness equipment. There are also various workout machines that help you exercise in a comfortable way. Yesoul has been a professional treadmill manufacturer for many years so that we have accumulated rich experience in the field of home fitness. We know the actual needs of people who want to work out and can provide everything you want to know. Therefore, if you are seeking a professional treadmill manufacturer, we are here waiting for your cooperation. Today, Yesoul will continue to introduce you a lot of useful things, which can be conducive to your fitness business. If you are really interested in it and think it meaningful, please read it.

Running methods with a treadmill

Professional knowledge about running methods with a treadmill can make you better in this field. So first, let’s know more about running methods with a treadmill. That is to say, how can we play the full part of functions of the treadmill?

Reasonable slope adjustment of the treadmill

First of all, the slope adjustment function of treadmill should be used reasonably. As we all know, almost every treadmill comes with a slope adjustment function, which can add a lot of fun to people running on the treadmill, thus avoiding too boring and tasteless running. However, there are many running enthusiasts who think that there is no substantial difference between slope adjustment and running on flat ground. Obviously, this view is wrong. In fact, there are still some differences. Some experts have conducted experiments and confirmed with the results: if the slope adjustment of the treadmill increases by 5 degrees, the heartbeat of people running per minute will increase by 10-15 times. This shows that the slope adjustment of the treadmill can enhance the intensity of running exercise and achieve better exercise effect. But it should be noted that the slope of the treadmill cannot be adjusted too high, otherwise the actual running heart rate of runners is likely to exceed 80% of their total heart rate, which will have certain harm to the human body. In addition, people can make use of the slope to do a large pace of speed walking, which can also achieve a good effect of hip lift.

Avoid jogging on the treadmill

Second, do not jog on the treadmill at walking speed. If you exercise on a treadmill at walking speed, then use a walking workout. Remember not to jog at this point and to match the swing of the elbow joint while walking. Also, it should be noted that if you exercise on the treadmill using a speed of less than 5km/h, your heart rate is generally difficult to reach the standard of running exercise, so it is necessary to adjust the speed of the treadmill higher. You can control the speed of the treadmill according to your personal exercise ability, and moderate exercise intensity will allow your body to adapt more quickly. On this basis, you can adjust the speed of the treadmill higher, so as to achieve effective fat loss. If the calorie consumption is not enough, it is difficult to achieve the effect of fat loss and shaping. Adjusting the speed of the treadmill can be a bit tricky. If it isn’t set correctly at the beginning, it will take a long time to achieve effective fat loss.

Reasonably improve your speed

Finally, it should be noted that it is best not to jog on the treadmill at a small pace. In contrast, you should moderately improve your speed to a better level. For example, you can control the jogging speed at roughly 6-8km/h, which is also the best speed for jogging. In this speed range, you can do jogging exercise. Although this speed is not fast, but still very effective for a long time, this is also the vast majority of runners favorite running speed. But it is important to remember that do not use a small pace for exercise, because a small pace will make their heart rate drop, calorie consumption is not enough, then it is difficult to achieve the effect of exercise.

Correct running postures

    As we have talked about some running methods, which may help you a lot in the process of running on the treadmill, we will continue to introduce to you correct running postures. Correct running postures are very important for you, so you should remember those key points when running on the treadmill. When running on the treadmill, your head should be placed naturally, your shoulders should be slightly tightened with your body, and your legs should not be raised too high. In addition, in order to reduce the damage to the knee joint, when the foot touches the running board, keep the knee joint in a slightly bent state. The knee joint should not be too straight, which can reduce the damage to the knee joint from running. At the same time, in the process of running, your two arms should be as far as possible in a relaxed state, do not overly tense. You should keep your waist in a natural upright, but do not need to be overly straight. When running, your heel first falls onto the running board of the treadmill, and then rolls from the runner’s heel to the ball of the foot, which can reduce the damage to the ankle.