May 18, 2024


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What Makes A Costly Electric Toothbrush Worth Getting?

The best costly electric toothbrush models share many features in common such as a travel case that effectively protects the brush itself against injury. And the hard shell case also prevents the instrument from turning on by itself.

The components of a costly electric toothbrush are themselves slender and light to make the assembly small and convenient enough to fit into luggage.

The case further serves another important purpose. It keeps the device from turning on accidentally. This helps conserve battery charge for longer.

Benefits of a premium electric toothbrush like Sonicare DiamondClean include:

Range of cleaning modes: The Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart electric toothbrush offers 5 distinct cleaning modes specifically designed for improved dental health and whiter teeth.

Battery life: Like all costly electric toothbrushes, this also has excellent battery life. A full charge lasts for 3 weeks of regular activity.

Rechargeable battery: The Lithium ion cell can be recharged quickly and easily using the charging station or an inbuilt USB charger in the travel case.

Gum-friendly options: When the gums are healthy, they are soft and pink. It doesn’t hurt when you press down on it. When the gum becomes infected, the condition is called gingivitis. It could be caused by bacteria or other germs that gather in the crevices between teeth. Other causes are ulcers and damage to the surface of gums. The expensive electric toothbrush models offer gentler cleaning modes to avoid damage.

Interchangeable brush heads: Nearly all Sonicare brush heads can be attached to handles of every premium toothbrush model. This interchangeable nature is helpful because people can share the same handle, or users can switch between brush heads for specific requirements.

It’s true that certain models come with particular kinds of brush heads in the box. But that doesn’t mean they are the only ones to use. All heads are fully interchangeable with any handles.

Brilliant design: The engineering of expensive models is excellent, to deliver greater value in terms of particular functions that make them very attractive to discerning buyers.

You can imagine these costly electric brushes as being special instruments rather than generic replacement parts an older worn out instrument. For example, some include flossers which direct powerful jets of water that can remove food debris from behind and between teeth, achieving better cleansing of your mouth.

For all these reasons, costly electric toothbrushes will always be in demand and deserve the higher price tag because they match it in delivering great value to buyers.