April 17, 2024


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What are Acute and Chronic Kidney Health Problems and their Cure?

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Kidneys perform a vital function to maintain the human body. This organ filters the blood supply to create urine. It also removes acids, waste, and extra fluids from the body. Without these organs, our bodies cannot maintain a healthy blood supply. Acute kidney problems disturb the entire function of these organs. When kidneys fail to clean the blood, it damages the complete human body. Kidney failure often damages other organs. So, it is vital to take the best care of the kidneys. Chronic kidney diseases are not as fatal as acute kidney problems, but they are dangerous. There are many underlying reasons for acute and chronic kidney problems. Everyone needs to take careful measures to avoid kidney diseases. 

Acute Kidney Health Problems

Acute kidney problems refer to renal failure or severe kidney issues. There are many causes, signs, and symptoms of critical kidney problems. If you have these symptoms, you should get yourself checked by a medical professional. Kidney problems develop over a long period. So, treat your illnesses before they cause a severe health problem.


Blood flow to the kidneys is essential for the human body. This organ cannot work if it does not receive a continuous supply of oxygenated blood. Anyone with a low blood flow is at risk of acute kidney failure and other health issues. No one should ignore poor blood flow, as it can lead to severe kidney problems. When kidneys do not receive blood, they stop functioning and do not filter the blood supply. The unfiltered blood supply creates countless problems for the human body. So, get medical treatment if you suffer from low blood flow. Otherwise, you will suffer severe problems in the future.

Infections, inflammation, and other illnesses can also cause acute kidney failure. These health problems cause direct damage to the kidneys. Kidney damage is often irreversible, and patients need a transplant to continue their lives. Prolonged periods of sickness are also devastating for the human body. Always get yourself checked and treated for any illness. Protect yourself from these scary diseases with hydration and natural supplements.  

Signs & Symptoms

Urine problems are the first indicator of acute kidney failure or other issues. Low urine output means that your kidneys struggle to filter the blood supply. It also means that you have a kidney stone risk

Swelling around the legs and ankles is another sign of acute kidney problems. The entire lower body suffers when the kidneys fail to perform their function. It is another telltale sign of kidney failure. If you suffer swelling alongside another symptom, you are at risk of kidney failure. 

Chronic fatigue or tiredness is a common symptom of several illnesses. When your body does not filter the blood supply, the other parts do not receive blood. It restricts body function and makes you feel tired all the time. Shortness of breath is another symptom that comes alongside chronic fatigue.

Chest pain is a severe symptom that indicates kidney failure. It only appears if the problem has progressed beyond control. 

In many cases, acute kidney failure occurs without any of these symptoms. So, health screening is necessary even if you do not have any of these symptoms. 

Chronic Kidney Health Problems

Chronic kidney health problems lower the life quality of patients. Damaged kidney symptoms are common among chronic patients. Let us look at some of the common symptoms of kidney problems.


Type 1 and 2 diabetes cause damage to kidneys. These illnesses also put patients at kidney stone risk. Diabetic patients must take regular medicine to avoid irreversible damage to the kidneys. Several supplements also help diabetic patients to prevent kidney damage. But, even with all the pills and supplements, diabetic patients still suffer from kidney issues. So, diabetes increases the risk of chronic kidney health problems. 

High blood pressure affects the natural functions of the kidneys. It increases the strain on kidneys and prevents them from filtering the blood. Glomerulonephritis is also a cause of chronic kidney problems. This condition refers to the inflammation of the kidneys, which lower the filtration rate of blood. So, these severe problems devastate the kidneys and should be avoided at any cost. 

Kidney infections cause several chronic kidney illnesses. If you have any sickness, you should take medicine to avoid kidney infections. Our kidneys bear the brunt of most infections and viruses. So, prolonged illnesses and health problems cause chronic kidney issues.

Signs & Symptoms

Damaged kidney symptoms and kidney stone risks are common signs of chronic kidney health problems. 

Cure for Kidney Problems

There are several treatments and supplements to avoid kidney problems. We have selected several medical treatments and supplements that cure kidney problems. Follow these healthy kidney tips to prevent emergencies in the future. 

Medical Treatment

Dialysis replicates the function of human kidneys. It removes acid, waste, and other fluids from the blood supply. Patients who suffer from chronic or acute kidney problems need dialysis to survive. It is an unpleasant process and drains the energy of patients and their carers. The dependence on dialysis disturbs the routine of any individual. You must take care of your kidneys to avoid a treatment such as a dialysis.

A kidney transplant is the last resort when a patient suffers kidney failure. There are no other options if a kidney fails. It is a vital organ, and we cannot live without our kidneys. So, transplants are necessary if kidneys stop functioning. Finding a donor is another severe problem for patients. Therefore, a kidney transplant is not a pleasant experience for patients or carers. Many patients die while waiting for kidney donors. So, medical treatments do not permanently cure kidney problems.

Supplements to Avoid Kidney Problems

Supplements can help you avoid kidney problems. You can use supplements to detoxify your system and take care of your kidneys.

Dr. Clark Kidney Supplements are perfect for avoiding kidney problems. They contain natural ingredients that treat the body without any side effects. You can also prevent damaged kidney symptoms with these supplements. Dr. Clark’s Kidney Cleanse is an ideal supplement for people with kidney problems. This supplement will help your kidneys to filter the blood supply. Prolong your kidney life with Dr. Clark Kidney Supplements.


Damaged kidney symptoms are indicators of acute and chronic kidney health problems. There are several underlying causes for kidney failure. The early identification of these signs helps in preventing kidney problems. Medical checkups and treatments are essential for avoiding kidney failure and other diseases. Supplements are also beneficial for detoxifying the body. Ignoring these issues can prove fatal in the long term. You need to take care of yourself to live a long and healthy life. Dr. Clark Kidney Supplements are perfect for taking care of your kidneys. Use these natural products to boost kidney functions.