May 20, 2024


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Top 5 Responsibilities of a Travel Nursing Agency to Travel Nurses

How Does Travel Nursing Work? - Trusted Nurse Staffing

Travel nursing agencies are a big part of your career as a travel nurse since they are the ones who could help you gain more experience and guide you through your journey as a travel nurse. There are a lot of duties of a travel nursing agency that would really bring you to an advantage. Here are the top 5 responsibilities of a travel nursing agency to travel nurses.

What do travel nurse recruiters do?

  1. Communication

Communication is the number one thing travel nursing recruiters need to have since they have to build a rapport with their clients seeing as they want to stay in contact with both the travel nurse and the health care facility. 

Keeping the open communication lines open. 

They are the ones who could talk you through the whole process of your new assignments, help you with the feeling of being overwhelmed since you are in a new city and new environment, and they are in charge of helping you with your licensing, forms, taxes and insurance changes.

  1. Honesty

Travel nurse recruiters need to be honest with you, not afraid to tell you like it is. You are going to want to work with a travel nurse recruiter who tells you the facts and tells you all of the information that you may need as accurately as possible.

One thing you have to remember is that honesty is a two-way street to make the whole relationship work between the both of you. You should not be afraid to tell them your goals, your needs, and your wants.

  1. Patient

Travel recruiters need to be patient, especially with their clients. So they have to take the time to listen, give them reassurance, and answer any questions and concerns that the travel nurses may or may not have. Being a good listener and making them comfortable enough to assure travel nurses have this safe space to open up and bring up their concerns is important if you want to take your travel nursing experience to the next level.

  1. Accessible

Travel recruiters have to be accessible at all times since as a travel nurse, you would often take assignments that are found in unfamiliar locations so you need to be able to work with someone who could easily be accessible in case you have questions, problems, and you are in need of more resources.

You are going to be in a place where you do not know anyone, especially during your first week where you are adjusting to the new climate of the facility. Their job is to make sure that you feel comfortable and that all of your concerns would be solved.

  1. Trustworthy

You need to build a trusting bond between you and your recruiter since they are the ones who basically have their career in your hands seeing as they are the ones who would give you your assignment depending on your goals and needs. 

If you want to be successful in your field, building a trusting bond between the both of you is important. You have to remember that you are not alone.

You need to be honest with your recruiter, tell them your goals, your preferences, and get to know each other because they are the only ones that you are going to work with consistently. While you are working at all of these different medical facilities, they are the only ones that would keep staying.

Facts About Travel Nursing Agency

  1. Travel nursing is in high demand

In the past couple of years, a nursing shortage has happened, making nursing a very high-demand job. With travel nursing, you get to have this job security and gives you the freedom to choose and explore your field.

  1. Working in nearly any specialty

As a travel nurse, you get to dip your feet into all of these different nursing specialties, may it be in the Intensive Care Unit, Emergency Room, Operating Room, Pediatric, or Labor and Delivery.

  1. More freedom

You get to choose where you want to work and take control of your schedule. You just have to tell the nursing agency your preferences and they would be the ones who would find the next health care facility and specialty in the place where you want to possibly work in.

  1. Travel and adventures

As a travel nurse, you get to receive great pay, some bonuses, have free housing, and get reimbursement for all of your travel expenses. You would also have the freedom to choose your next adventure by going to different states.

  1. Free placement assistance

Travel nursing agencies are the ones who are basically doing the job hunting for you since they are the ones who are going to be giving you your next assignment depending on your goals and your preferences.

How does this agency handle its nurse safety despite the pandemic?

The country has already been facing a nursing shortage before the pandemic, so when the pandemic happened, the rise of demand for nurses only increased, which also led to the increase of travel nurses. Ever since the pandemic, hospitals, healthcare facilities, and clinics have lost about 30 percent of their core nursing staff to traveling jobs, and have worked an exceptional amount of hours to be able to take care of all of these patients while not negatively affecting the quality of care that they bring.