July 24, 2024


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<strong>The Importance of Choosing Medical Devices in Facing the Covid-19 Virus</strong>

The Importance of Choosing Medical Devices in Facing the Covid-19 Virus

<strong>The Importance of Choosing Medical Devices in Facing the Covid-19 Virus</strong>

Covid-19 is a pandemic that occurs in various parts of the world and is a form of public concern.

To overcome this, WHO advises the public to reduce exposure and transmission of disease/infection through personal and respiratory hygiene and food safety. which can prevent the message of this disease by using masks and maintaining cleanliness by using antiseptics and disinfectants.

One way to prevent the spread of Covid-19 is to wear a mask. The use of shows is also significant considering that Covid-19 can be anywhere, and its reach is still unknown. They are wearing medical equipment such as masks are considered an effective way to minimize the risk of transmitting Covid-19.

After they carried out further research, the world health organization and the government also recommended the use of masks for everyone because wearing masks does provide extra protection from bacteria and viruses that cause infectious diseases.

Currently, masks and other medical devices are widely used to reduce the spread of sick viruses or bacteria and protect against air pollutants or chemicals that harm the body.

The basis of the community’s need for medical devices that support the increasing Covid-19 pandemic is what underlies Fitcare’s desire to contribute to maintaining the health of the Indonesian people by presenting products that can support health and protect against bacteria, viruses, and other airborne particles so that they can contain viruses down to micro size properly and at affordable prices so that they can protect health during this pandemic.

The choices and products offered by NZOnline are health support products that are currently hype, which of course have gone through rigorous selection and clinical trials.

To protect against the spread of viruses and bacteria, we launched the #ICareALotWithFitCare campaign to increase public awareness to protect themselves and their families from viruses and bacteria.

In addition, this campaign also encourages the public, especially mothers, to be more concerned about choosing products according to the standards of the Ministry of Health and high levels of BFE masks, as well as maintaining the health of their little ones by sterilizing cutlery and other utensils used by the baby.

The healthy lifestyle trend certainly provides business opportunities for business people in medical equipment, especially during the ongoing transition period, where people have started to carry out activities and are still required to implement physical distancing to avoid the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

Medical Device Market Potential

The medical device market currently still dominates. This shows the need and potential of the local brand medical equipment market to compete, considering the number of health facilities and the increasing need for public treatment. In particular, during the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, the demand for medical devices soared.

Medicines and medical devices are the two most significant components of the current total health costs. Medical devices such as X-Ray (Roetgen) machines, CT-Scan, MRI, Cathlab, USG, protective equipment products, and various other medical equipment are almost entirely imported from abroad. They are subject to import duties and sales taxes. The community’s medical costs can certainly be more affordable if those who can produce these tools independently. Domestic medical device manufacturers continue to strive to reduce dependence on imported goods by starting to make independent medical device products. For example, for PPE coveralls, many countries that have become export destinations include South Korea, the Netherlands, France, Australia, the United States, Kenya, and South Africa. On the other hand, mask export destinations include Singapore, China, Malaysia, and Hong Kong.

The pharmaceutical and medical device industries have been designated as strategic sectors in the application of industry 4.0. When Covid-19 came in, the demand for vitamins, supplements, and medicines to boost immunity increased.

Various Medical Devices and Their Functions

Medical devices have various functions that can help you monitor your health condition regularly, significantly if you suffer from certain diseases. Not only that, but medical devices can also prevent the occurrence of conditions that can be fatal.

Everyone is always encouraged to prepare medical devices at home. This is done so that early treatment can be carried out when minor injuries occur or experience symptoms such as fever or headache.

Not only healthy people but medical devices also need to be prepared if you suffer from specific health problems, such as asthma, diabetes, and hypertension.

Medical devices do not always have to be large, heavy, or sophisticated like medical equipment in a hospital. Some medical devices, such as plasters, are simple and small but have significant functions.