May 22, 2024


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Sarcoidosis Cures – 5 Ways to Cure Sarcoid Naturally

Most doctors will you that there is no sarcoidosis cure. The disease can be self-limiting, but it can also be progressive and even fatal. The good news is that natural therapies may have the answer.

Sarcoid is a multi-system inflammatory disease that causes clumps of immune cells called “granulomas” to accumulate in different parts of the body. Areas typically affected include the lungs, lymph nodes, eyes, skin and liver. Other tissues may be involved including the muscles, spleen, joints, bones, kidney and central nervous system.

Treatments are usually taken to control the symptoms, or to improve the function of organs or body systems affected by the disease. The standard approach is the use of corticosteroids to quell the inflammation and ease symptoms. Unfortunately the use of steroids comes at a high price – osteoporosis, mood changes, fluid retention, weight gain, hypertension, and lowered immunity.

Fortunately the ground-breaking work of a medical doctor – Dr Hajjri from the USA, is showing promising results as an effective, long term sarcoidosis cure. Dr Hajjri’s sarcoidosis cure program is called the “Aden Protocol”, and boasts a 82% success rate with no adverse side effects.

So why is the Aden Protocol so successful as a natural sarcoidosis cure?

Firstly an effective cure must give prompt relief without causing damage from drug side effects. The Aden Protocol offers anti-inflammatory nutrients, herbs and foods that quell inflammation and pain without the nasty side effects of conventional drugs.

Secondly, unlike corticosteroids which just cover up the symptoms, the Aden protocol targets why this disease has taken hold on the body. Unbalanced immunity caused by triggers like bacterial or viral infections (like Epstein Barr virus), dust, irritants and body toxicity, is addressed. Anti-microbial herbs, an alkalising diet that cleanses the body, and stress reduction techniques can all help in re-balancing immunity and affecting a permanent cure.

Thirdly, this natural sarcoidosis cure works on breaking down granulomas (clumps of immune cells) with the use of natural enzymes, essential oils and regular massage.

A lot of the success of the program comes from the prescribed high anti-oxidant intake that heals scarred tissues and protects the body from further damage.

Finally, the program has been trialled in thousands of patients for over twenty two years in over thirty two countries. Most people who complete the 10 week program report full remission of their symptoms or a vast improvement in their condition. Testing and fine-tuning of the program translates to a more successful sarcoidosis cure.

If you, or someone you know, is suffering from the discomfort and frustration of this illness, then there is a light at the end of the tunnel.