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Male Menopause—or Manopause—Explained by a Urologist

By Dr. Josh

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Menopause, from the Latin menopausis, was initially made use of in the 19th century to explain the final cessation of the month to month menstruation of girls.  That knowledge of menopause has continued even to this day.

Menopause in ladies is a purely natural drop in the generation of reproductive hormones that takes place as a girl ages.  The common age of menopause in the US is 51, but the decrease in hormone output can get started many years previously.  Strictly speaking, a female is regarded to be in menopause once she has long gone twelve months with out menstruating but the hormonal decline can final result in a assortment of common menopausal indicators.  The menopausal changeover in women is commonly described as a brief period of time, a stage every single girl need to move by means of.  But the fact is that menopause is a stage of lifetime.  As soon as a single enters menopause, there’s no turning back.

Odds are when you think about menopause you do not think of it as staying a men’s wellbeing problem.  Effectively, what would you say if I informed you that males go via their own “Big Change”?  While there is no agreed-on phrase to explain this change in adult males, some have started to enjoy some of the hormonal improvements that take place as adult men age by a very similar menopausal lens.  Male menopause (at times known as andropause or even colloquially, manopause) is not described by an absence of menstruation, but it can current with many of the really identical signs and symptoms linked with conventional menopause.

What follows is a seem into the a variety of variations men go via as they get more mature and how we can use what we know about menopause to superior fully grasp some of the outcomes of hormonal decline in getting old gentlemen.

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The expression andropause need to clue you into 1 of the most significant factors of male menopause.  Andropause refers to the halting of creation of a team of hormones referred to as androgensAndrogen is the wide term used to explain male sexual intercourse hormones, the most well-recognized of which is testosterone (T).  Just before expressing extra about testosterone and its partnership to male menopause, I ought to briefly mention that testosterone is not, in point, a “male hormone.”  Every living human being will make and makes use of testosterone, not just men.  It’s an vital hormone in all forms of bodies.  But for the applications of this piece, we will, from here forward, go over testosterone in the context of male bodies.

Testosterone is primarily generated by the Leydig cells in the testes of guys, with a little amount also produced by the adrenal glands.  Testosterone is accountable for initiating the advancement of the male interior and exterior reproductive organs for the duration of fetal growth.  It is also the hormone necessary for libido and the signifies by which the overall body grows our muscles and bones, stimulates the bone marrow to churn out additional blood cells, and creates sperm in grownup existence.  Testosterone generation commences in utero once the body has received the needed indicators.  Nonetheless, the male physique doesn’t actually rev up testosterone manufacturing right up until puberty, when T ranges are often at their best.

Testosterone output is a tightly regulated method carried out by the hypothalamus and pituitary gland in the brain.  In reaction to gonadotrophin-releasing hormone (GnRH) from the hypothalamus, the pituitary sends out a testosterone-stimulating signal in the type of luteinizing hormone (LH).  LH circulates in the bloodstream and can make its way to the testicle the place it stimulates the production and launch of T.  As T boosts in the blood, it gives responses to the brain to suppress the production of GnRH and LH, thereby dampening the generation of supplemental testosterone.

As guys age, this tightly regulated system can start out to crack down.  At times the physique gets incapable of continuing to make the important testosterone-stimulating hormones.  Other situations, the testicle basically loses its skill to reply to them.  Also, operation, radiation, and other medical comorbidities can impact regular, wholesome testosterone manufacturing.  No matter, the final result is the same—testosterone declines and typically remains suboptimal.

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As we mentioned over, menopause generally happens when females are in their 40s or 50s (it can manifest previously in some women).  Male menopause is generally substantially far more elusive.

Hypogonadism is the health-related situation that describes specified hormonal signals and signs and symptoms alongside with biochemically confirmed small T.  It’s a pretty popular issue, affecting up to 30% of the grownup typical male population, which interprets into hundreds of thousands of men globally.  Despite currently being so pervasive, only about 5% of hypogonadal guys get procedure.

Let us just take a moment to distinguish concerning hypogonadism and our topic du jour, andropause.  Hypogonadism is a identified professional medical issue describing gentlemen with small T and indicators and indications linked with androgen insufficiency.  Hypogonadism is a lot more frequent in more mature men but can happen at any age.  Andropause, on the other hand, is not a medically regarded ailment.  It is a way of describing a common established of signs and symptoms related with declining testosterone stages that gentlemen can working experience as they age.

We know that a man’s testosterone levels decrease on regular by about 1% for each yr immediately after age 40.  For some adult men, that procedure starts earlier, and for other people, the decline is a lot steeper.  However, a majority of adult men perfectly into their 60s and 70s have a serum testosterone amount within the usual range.  We do not routinely display screen for minimal testosterone so it’s challenging to say when one particular would be expecting to go via male menopause, but it’s usually believed of as a condition unique to older adult males.

Signs and symptoms

Due to the fact we do not monitor all males for very low testosterone, andropause can often go unnoticed.  We really should also point out that not all gentlemen with low testosterone knowledge symptoms.  Additional complicating the situation, the indicators and signs related with low testosterone (and male menopause) are frequently non-distinct.  These indications can from time to time be linked to life style, medicine, and/or other medical comorbidities like weight problems or diabetic issues.  Yet, the most popular symptoms linked with male menopause are:

  • Lowered strength and inspiration
  • Cognitive decline: problems with memory and concentration
  • Frustrated temper
  • Amplified stress and anxiety
  • Decreased sexual drive/reduced libido
  • Decrease in frequency of spontaneous erections
  • Trouble acquiring or sustaining an erection during sexual exercise
  • Breast tenderness or swelling
  • Reduction of bone or muscle mass
  • Warm flashes/night time sweats
  • Fertility troubles
  • Snooze disturbance

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So if you are experiencing some of these signs and symptoms, it may perhaps be value obtaining your testosterone checked.  Original minimal T degrees are normally verified with added tests.  If you’re around age 40, these signs or symptoms might be your initially clue that you are getting into andropause.  But don’t ignore: minimal testosterone can also have an effect on young adult males who may perhaps profit from treatment even if they really do not drop within just a stereotypical andropause age vary.


I’m absolutely sure you’re wanting to know what the chance is that male menopause will affect you.  Regrettably, there’s no way to know for sure.  Testosterone decline is a simple fact of lifestyle.  It takes place even to the most effective of us.  But as we reviewed previously mentioned, not all men experience the effects of that drop, so not anyone will working experience andropause.  Nonetheless, there are selected variables affiliated with lower testosterone ranges that may possibly increase one’s opportunity of going by way of male menopause.

Workout and slumber are super significant for protecting testosterone ranges.  Thirty minutes for each day of cardiovascular teaching can support increase your circulation (which is important for your erections, by the way) and can continue to keep your testosterone-producing device churning.  Testosterone manufacturing is cyclical, generally reaching peaks in the first several hrs after waking.  No marvel rest is key to healthful testosterone degrees.  Obtaining fantastic good quality rest can help retain your brain sharp, regulates blood glucose concentrations, supports a nutritious immune technique, controls bodyweight obtain, and maintains testosterone generation (Leproult).  So if you are searching to avoid your have andropausal change, do your greatest to get a superior night’s sleep and training on a regular basis.

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There has very long been believed to be a url concerning food plan and testosterone stages.  Nonetheless, there continues to be some controversy about precisely which diet program is finest for blocking declines in testosterone.  A single 2018 research instructed that individuals who desired Western-type foods, ate out, and eaten much less home made foods, noodles, and darkish green greens were being far more most likely to have an harmful entire body composition and small serum total T ranges (Hu).  Another identified that testosterone was decrease among guys who adopted reduced unwanted fat or Mediterranean eating plans (Fantus).  Still, we know that what we place in our human body normally affects what we set out, which likely includes testosterone.  So performing your ideal to resist having that candy bar and opting as a substitute for a dwelling-cooked, effectively-balanced meal might be a person way to stave off male menopause.


We really don’t have time to get into the nitty-gritty of remedy below, but luckily adult males who knowledge andropause definitely have selections.  The initial action is recognizing your signs and symptoms and getting analyzed.  You also want to make certain that there are not other contributing factors that could be leading to your indications.  When you have confirmed your T is very low and ruled out other alternatives, your medical doctor might discuss life-style modifications (see earlier mentioned) and/or medications that can strengthen your testosterone and reverse the results of andropause.  If you choose to start testosterone therapy, your health practitioner will clarify the unique means that it can be administered together with concentrate on testosterone stages and any vital adhere to-up tests.  For lots of (but not all) adult men, testosterone therapy can relieve the signs or symptoms of male menopause.  If you find that the recommended remedy does not appear to be repairing the concern, undoubtedly focus on with your health care provider what else could possibly be likely on.


Let’s close with a handful of important reminders with regards to male menopause:

  • Testosterone decline is unavoidable. Male menopause is not.
  • Numerous men will experience symptoms of andropause, but the signs or symptoms are frequently non-distinct and could be induced by other components.
  • If you encounter male menopausal symptoms, it may possibly be value checking your testosterone stages and talking about remedies with an expert.
  • There is no confident-fire way to predict your possibilities of enduring male menopause. But foremost a healthy way of life together with having a very well-well balanced diet regime, obtaining adequate slumber, and performing exercises on a normal foundation, may be your most effective wager at avoidance.


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