May 20, 2024


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Hand Sanitizer Causing Blindness in Children During Covid How Herbal Hand Sanitizer Can Help a Lot

This article is based on use of herbal sanitizers compared to alcohol based sanitizers which results in eye damage among children and adults.

Coronavirus had made us to wash our hands regularly and on a large scale many are using alcohol based hand sanitizers to wash hands which is causing many issues related to eye damage among children in France.

Based on research in france the number of incidents related to disinfectants was 232 between april 1 and 2020 compared to 33 last year.

Let us see the benefits of neem.

If we make a paste of neem leaves and dab it on small wounds insect bites it heals.

If we boil neem leaves cool it wash our eyes it helps any kind of irritation,tiredness.

That is why neem is safe to use as a hand sanitizer because it protects eyes compared to alcohol based sanitizers which blinds children.

Turmeric mixed with a paste of neem leaves can be used for itching

eczema,ring worms.

If neem oil is rubbed into the scalp and washed it can strengthen your hair by preventing hair fall.

Neem leaves contain over 130 different types of biological compounds such as nimbin, nimandial which help heal the body and promote healthy living.

The antioxidant properties of neem protects the skin from harmful uv rays, pollution and other environmental factors.

It fights against the fungal infection.

Neem leaves also contain calcium and mineral content which helps build strong bones and reduce any inflammation.

Neem tea is prescribed to reduce fever and is good for malaria.

It is used to treat skin disorders neem is used.

Again when we wash hands during coronavirus many of our skin disorders get cured.

It can heal wounds without leaving any ugly prevents pimples and skin is a antiseptic which reduces a acne breakout.

Now we will look at health benefits of tulsi

Tulsi contains

Eugenol – a terpene with pain relieving properties.

Ursolic and rosmarinic acid- compounds with antioxidant,anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties.

Apigenin- a flavonoid that helps the body removes waste at the cellular level.

Lutein- an antioxidant carotenoid important for eye health.

Ocimumosides a and b- compounds that reduce stress and balance the neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine.

The benefits of neem and tulsi makes it to be a better and safe product compared to alcohol based sanitizers

  1. In india many hand sanitizers are made of herbal products.

the following article gives detail how to make sanitizers at home.