July 19, 2024


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Endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty: What is the Mechanism behind this procedure?


ESG – Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty is a technique that condenses the size of the gastric reservoirs in people who are struggling with heavy body weight. This technique is carried out by using a thick endoscopic suturing tool. After comparing the efficiency of this technique with the major diet programs & lifestyle changes, you will find this procedure to be more result-oriented & successful in reducing extra body weight. According to a recent survey, people who opted for this procedure experienced significant changes in their body weight and other medical problems that were associated with it.

However, have you even thought about how this procedure works on our bodies? Let’s discuss this technique in-depth and how it can help you achieve your target safely.

Study Results:

Recently a study was conducted in Los Angeles by a group of medical professionals who wanted to know whether this weight loss procedure was more result-oriented than diet plans or not. They took the case study of 100 patients among which 45 underwent ESG & the rest were monitored on HIDLT – high-intensity diet and lifestyle therapy. Their body weight was measured before initiating the process. Both the categories were monitored closely to make sure that everything was in line. After a gap of three months, it was found that people who belonged to the ESG category had lost significant body weight as compared to those who were on a high-intensity diet and lifestyle therapy. So, they concluded that people who opted for endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty in Los Angeles had successfully achieved their target and are still on track to maintain their ideal body weight.

The mechanism behind this weight loss procedure:

The main focus of endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty is to delay the process of gastric emptying, improved early satiation, and alteration in the metabolic and gut hormones. These three points collectively work together to give the best results.

Delay in Gastric emptying:

This is the first step in the mechanism. As per the process, after ESG the size of the stomach is reduced which means that you just have a small pouch-like structure where the food shall reach & due to its small size you shall eat less. After the food reaches the stomach, the digestion process starts & if there is a delay in digestion, it will keep the food inside the stomach for a longer time which means you cannot keep munching all the time. you will feel hungry only after the food is digested by the stomach. On the other hand, if this process goes quick, then you will feel like eating something frequently which will again increase your weight instead of losing a few pounds. So, delay in gastric emptying is essential especially if you are too obese.

Early Satiation:

By early satiation, we mean that you will quickly feel satisfied with the quantity of meal that you take. People who keep overeating never feel full because they want something to eat. Call it stress eating or habitual eating, they can’t stop, & this increases the size of their stomach and lets the body gain a lot of weight easily. However, after ESG, you will start feeling full even if you take a very small portion of your meal. You shall not feel that urge to eat something because your stomach is empty. Even if you want to, you cannot because your stomach is full and there is no space for another meal. In this way, you will stop munching around and happily keep your body weight in check. Also, you have to make sure that the meal you take should include only nutritious food which is important for your body. You have already reduced your intake so you might need some supplements that can balance the need for vitamins and minerals in your body.

Alteration in the gut and metabolic hormones:

The metabolic hormones are responsible for making the digestion process quick and helping the body to extract the calories, nutrients, and minerals from the food we take. People with a good metabolic system can digest the food easily & pass the waste material from the body making you feel hungry frequently. You will start looking for something to eat that will increase the calorie intake and let the fat cells accumulate inside the body. However, alerting the hormones that are responsible for metabolic activity inside the body can reduce the speed of this process thus keeping the body engaged with it and not feeling hungry frequently. On the other hand, Gut hormones are also a part of this process, & altering these can also aid in losing the extra body weight.  


In the end, we can say that ESG is very helpful in losing your extra body weight and keeping yourself protected from chronic health problems. This process is quick and safe, and you can go back to your place the same day. All you need to do is to follow some post-treatment routine that will keep a track of your food intake and give your body some time to adjust to the changes.