April 17, 2024


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Different ways you could implement to wear Incontinence pads

Finding Proper Fit for Incontinence Products Like Absorbent Briefs and  Underwear I NorthShore Care Supply

Yes, you read the title right! There are different methods you could implement when it comes to wearing incontinence pads. People who use an incontinence pad have a love-hate relationship with it. We love the fact that it protects against the leak but the fact that it causes rashes and skin issues. This is because you might be choosing the wrong incontinence pad. However, if you are looking to buy adult nappies , Australia, check out the link below:


It is indeed a tough task to wear some incontinence pads but there could be products that could protect you against bladder leaks and offer more comfort, convenience and cost-effectiveness. Take a look at how you could wear incontinence pads in different ways. 

·         Wear them freestyle to get the best of both worlds

The most common type of incontinence pads should be worn with your regular underwear. Wearing thin pads with regular underwear is known as freestyle as you are wearing the incontinence pads without any other protective products. If you experience light leakage or have stress incontinence, this could be a great option for you. Such products could be compact and cheaper with fairly good absorbency. It would offer protection from leakage and odours. When you are buying such a product, you could pick the absorbency level depending on the level. of incontinence experienced. It means you won’t get maximum protection from a thin pad when you are still wearing your boxers or panties. 

·         Wear incontinence pads beneath your protective underwear

If you are outside the house and are wearing incontinence underwear which is pull-up style,  you might change it once it gets filled by hoping that people do not observe it. The bathroom break might take a bit longer than expected when you discreetly change the soiled one and wear a new one entirely.  You could carry compact pads rather than pull-ups, walk into the restroom and change the soiled pad and replace it with a new one and wear your underwear. This would not consume much time and it would be a discreet matter. Most people would go with incontinence pads rather than pull-ups. Discretion rules when it comes to incontinence and people need not know about your minor secret. You could live your life as comfortably as possible with this. 

·         Fit insert pads within briefs to reduce reorders

At times, you would need greater absorbency, especially at night. In such situations, some might wear two briefs or pull-ups at the same time. This would double the cost of your supplies and the bulkiness would feel uncomfortable. The worst thing is that you are most likely to have leaks as two products are not integrated. The outer product doesn’t fit your body and it leaves you wide open to leaks, especially around the leg area. You could make use of insert pads that are more cost-effective and leak-resistant than the pull-ups. Hence, you do not have to change it every time you soil.

Go ahead and shop for the product of your preference and live a confident and hassle-free life.