June 13, 2024


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10 Reasons Not to Go to the Gym

I thought that to be in a good shape calisthenics was required in a health club or weight lifting room of some sort and so remembered that I used to workout at a gym exclusively.

But even after staying away from the gym for 16 months now, I find myself in the top position considering from business and fitness perspective.

The overall quality of my life has began to perk up as I workout solely at home and at training camp with equipments like bands, dumbbells, kettle bells, med balls and other equipments from time to time rather working out at a health club.

Here is a brief of benefits occurred to me in 16 months after I left the gym:

– Annual income from my fitness products and businesses has amplified by more than tenfold

– I uphold a single digit body fat percentage with abs popping year round

– I get in at least six high-quality, distraction-free workouts per week (sometimes as many as 10-12)

It doesn’t mean that not attending the gym has bowed proceedings in my life.

But taking the road less travelled by breaking the norm and not doing what everybody seem to take has taken me to a discrete path of triumph.

I have put in top 10 opinions of mine to NOT to go to the gym:

1.) Needless Travel Time

Many of us live at a few minutes distance from the gym but some do trek a distance of 10-20 minutes to arrive at their gym. That means that traveling back-and-forth the gym will squander about an hour or couple in a week which does not include changing outfit and chatting with people.

2.) The Sheep Mentality

It’s sickening that most people are of the sheep mindset following misinformation provided in the form of sensational fitness magazines and commercials.

Most women are cardio queens spending hours at a time on elliptical, bikes, and treadmills- sadly getting nowhere fast. Ladies you need to start doing some resistance training and cut those cardio sessions down to 20 minutes of intense interval training to burn that immovable hip, thigh, and belly fat that is holding your sexy back.

And then there are also those meathead guys who only work their mirror muscles (abs, chest, biceps) while taking extraordinary long rest periods between sets of upper body isolation exercises. These jumbo morons often bench in excess of 300 lbs but probably couldn’t execute 10 perfect, full ranges of motion push-ups with their body weight if their life depended on it.

When in suspicion, DON’T do what everybody else in the gym is doing because it’s not working!

3.) Needless Waiting Time for Equipment or Space

I would waste an average of 20 minutes daily waiting for fitness equipment or a certain space of the gym to go through the habit. Not only does this waste a bunch of expensive time and create a unfavorable roller coaster of warming-up and cooling-down, but this long stop and go format is completely counter productive to the appropriate alternating set format and work to rest ratio to burn fat and lose weight fast- the main target of over 90% of fitness enthusiasts.

I have found the most valuable strength training protocol for fat loss to be a 50-10 (50 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest and conversion) Five-Exercise Total Body Strength Circuit. In fact you will never be able to workout in this format as people are always on the equipment or in the training space.

You can control your workout session by building a gym at your home.

4.) Sickness and Disease

To the best of my knowledge these gyms are contaminated with diseases. The trainers who are worked overworked and burnt out have to cleanup the gym after their daily program. It is not possible for them to meticulously clean up the sweat of people from the equipments after their daily shift.

Beyond catching the common cold, there are some other real severe things that have been scattering at gyms like wildfire like the recent merca staph infection outbreak.

To stay in good physical shape workout at home!!

5.) Annoying People

The biggest reason of me avoiding gyms is because people are terrifyingly annoying! I don’t want to converse when I am in the midst of workout.

The motive of many of the people coming to gym is not for workout but to mingle. And I feel myself enslaved when people rudely stare at me during my workouts. Sure, my workouts utilize a host of unique and highly developed exercises and they are often disturbingly passionate, but it’s just a pain in the arse to have people looking at you like you are mad. To me it’s crazy that I get better results in brief 20-minute sessions than the distinctive gym rat that wastes 2 hours a day getting nothing accomplished.

But that’s not the worst part- the worst part is when people suspend you mid-workout to ask you questions about your training routine. Sorry- go pay for a trainer to give you advice. I’m there on a mission, not to reeducate. That’s reserved exclusively for my boot campers and my Workout ponder list.

Plus, I remember one time at the YMCA when a trainer came up to me asking me to “please keep it down” during a set of jump squats. Needless to say, I gave him a sneer like a dog getting a bone yanked away from them. I make noise when I workout- lots of it- lots of throaty, animal sounds. Most gyms can’t handle this- so I have created my own little training exile at home so I can scream and blast my music disruption-free!

6.) Expensive Memberships

And what do you think of paying for a place just to workout? Isn’t your current rent or mortgage enough of a monthly overhead! Plus, these scammers lock you in for long-term agreements that mean that you’ll in all probability still be training at the gym when your hair goes gray. Total BS.

7.) Useless Equipment

I have not being able to use appliance for years. They don’t allow your body to train that way it was designed to move and function and they cause many overuse injury.

If you want to be lean, tight, and muscular, all you need is your body weight, some bands, and a few free weight option like dumbbells or kettle bells to get the job done at home or on the road.

Every couple of months I treat myself to a new training tool (I have been enjoying Val slides and rope training as of in recent times) to mix things up and keep my workouts fresh. It’s pretty cool to slowly build you own budget-friendly personal gym by adding new equipment every so often- I highly recommend it!

8.) Lack of Open Training Space

The thoughtless club owner’s focus on filling their floor space with gigantic and overpriced machines. Ever try doing a walking lunge in the typical health club? The last time I did I winded up tripping on a loose muscle clamp and landing on my kiester.

All you need is space baby- space to move freely and explore your own body’s capabilities.

9.) Crippling Dependence

Dependence on these gyms is an other factor which has caused dislike for the gyms. If you are used to using machines, you feel lost when you travel and can’t access the same equipment. In most cases, people figure “what the hell, I’ll just take some time off until I get back home since I don’t have any gym right of entry out here.”

I can myself guarantee you that I can break you with your body weight far before I can break you with any machine- and your body weight can go through customs too! So, show yourself that you can get results without the gym. I promise you that the best workouts of your life are waiting for you at home or in new places like a park, beach, hotel room, etc. Stride outside and think differently!

10.) Bad Trainers

Most of the trainers dupe us by acquiring fake certificates from money-hungry agencies that provide outdated programs. And they get paid squat with no true incentive to get clients results.

When you go to the typical gym for personal training, you enter a factory. They are exasperating to get you in and out. They don’t care if your reach your goals nor do they have the desire to build lasting dealings with you. They just require hitting their quota- you are just another numeral for them.

I can’t tell you how many times I have been sick to my stomach seeing some jackass personal trainer getting paid $60/hour to talk to some overweight client while he or she walks gingerly on his or her cardio machine of choice. Personal training these days is really a crime to humanity- it’s really only just a glorified therapy session.

And what about this need for the one-hour workout? Where the hell did that come from? I’ll tell you where- it’s just a defaulting time to continue an easy engagement schedule that most health club have on loan from other businesses that have nonentity to do with fitness.

Join a fitness boot camp in your area that creates a fit community- a culture of achievement. I know a ton of great boot camp instructors all over the world- people that I do business instruction for that can get you improved results for less than a third the cost of typical personal training rates. If you can’t get it done at home on your own, look for the trainers all over the globe using Workout Muse that will get you body and life changing results in less than half the time. We’ll get you out in 30 minutes and have you blazing fat for the rest of the day!

Man, when you really think about it, why would anybody want to go the gym if they could with no trouble set-up their own dream gym at home (think basement, den, garage or living room)?

I mean if you are the type of person who is motivated, empowered, and dedicated enough to without fail workout on your own, it appear that going to the gym may very well be the dumbest thing you can do.

And if you need to hold and incentive of a workout pal or can’t or don’t want to work out on your own, the characteristic gym still falls in short in provide that a results-based, money-making solution.

I have been intensively working out since I was 14 and I have had a lot of time over the years to expand some incredible perspective on exercising for universal fitness.

And I can sincerely say that if you are serious about getting results, both inside and outside of your workouts, your best move is to avoid the gym like the plague and put together your own portable home gym or to join a fitness boot camp with a proven track record of unmatched results.

I hate the gym.

It’s such a gag.

It’s such a squander.

It’s such a cop out.

I can only hope that I shed some beam on what might be holding you back- both in regards to your fitness and in your own life in general.

Break outside of your soothe zone.

Stride outside of the box.

Take the road less traveled by and have the body and life-changing results to show for it 😉

Crank it Buddy!

It is better to work out at home to some extent than to visit a personal training centre to achieve your objective of a fit and healthy body. But if you find it difficult to deal with it at home then the fitness boot camp can come to your rescue by providing you with effectual training at a negligible cost all along with the optimal use of time.